Compressed By-Product Wood and Dye-Infused Bamboo Products

Wood Strand and Bamboo Strand products use the production methodology of amassing strands of fiber, and then compressing them with a resin, and then curing them via the application of heat. The value of using small strands, beyond the fact that the material can be sourced as reclaimed waste, is that when compressed and cured, it is much harder and much more stable than any “traditional” wood. Based on the “recipe” nature of production as it relates to the resulting aesthetic, there is almost a limitless number of potentially unique and different “looks” (assuming you understand how to do it, and have the patent protection to do so).

  • Made of small fibers with less memory than “solid” pieces of wood (ie: less memory equates to greater stability).
  • Compression increases fiber density (ie: increased hardness)
  • Greater stability and increased hardness equates to less noticeable scratches/dents, decreased maintenance and greater length of time between “finish” applications (ie: decreased life-cycle costs).
  • Can be “reciped” with Thru-Color Technology™

Product Lines

SongwoodTM – compressed “by-product” wood strand made from 100% “FSC-Recycled” poplar

ColorStrandTM – compressed “dye-infused” bamboo stran made to mimic exotic species

BURLTM – compressed “FSC”/”by-product” wood strand designed with a marbleized texture.

Mulberry – compressed Mulberry branches sourced as by-products from the silk industries

Bamboo Strand – compressed and densified natural fiber bamboo strands