Who and what is ETR?

ETR is a joint venture with several proprietary raw material manufacturers in Asia. Our goal is to strategically introduce “compressed” products made from reclaimed wood fiber and rapidly renewable bamboo strands that are infused with natural pigments.

We initially are focusing on the flooring segment via offering individualized, unique and customized product offerings to different companies for their rebranded OEM production. This philosophy will enable each partner company/distributor a unique product or product line that they can essentially own – allow their marketing to flourish, maintain a sustainable gross margin due to their ability to create its’ value proposition, and be seen as “innovator” which is critical in a commoditized field, especially as the economy gains buoyancy.

Beyond the flooring category, ETR is interested in facilitating the raw materials’ use in other industries, potentially both as a supplier of finished products, and as a supplier of raw materials to other manufacturers who value having a new, unique raw material source for the products they make, or are developing. The environmental and physical attributes of this new material speaks for themselves, and has the potential to add excitement to almost any product category.

ETR is heavily vested in the technology used to make these products, as well as ways to improve upon the patented manufacturing methodologies currently employed.

ETR has an extensive background in International Business, Global Import/Export, and Technical Product Development. Our understanding of cultural differences as they relate to business, business ethics, and business protocols is critical to our value.

If you have an interest in our products and capabilities, please contact us.


Better…..Greener….Less Toxic!