Colorstrand is a product line made by joining rapidly renewable bamboo strands with natural pigments of color (dyes) to create “dye-infused” strand bamboo. Not only can solid colored bamboo products can be made (sometimes referred to as: “thru-color”), the technology and raw material enables the creation of “exotic” looks, typically found only when endangered and rare timber is harvested. Ultimately, the beauty of these products beyond the aesthetic beauty (like some of Songwood and BURL products), is that since the color translates through the entire thickness of the product, it makes it much more durable and longer lasting than topically stained products. And,

Colorstrand Product Formats

The Colorstrand is available in both “solid” and “engineered” formats. As with the Songwood, it is important to note that the “solid” material means that the entire thickness of the material is made from compressed bamboo, so in effect, the product is engineered using solid bamboo strands, making it more stable than “traditional” bamboo (which is also really engineered, despite the industry considering it solid). A true “engineered” format (bamboo strand as the wear layer, laminated with other layers of alternately oriented bamboo) is also available, and can be made in a number of different ways based on the application and/or clients’ needs.

The formats we use most are:

  1. cross-ply “traditional” bamboo core
  2. “secret core” (cross-ply bamboo with horizontal runner strips)
  3. “engineered solid” (Colorstrand wear layer laminated onto a solid strand bamboo base)
  4. “HDF core”

Though we are waiting for pending FSC certification on all our bamboo products (for strands, core, etc.), all the bamboo is concerned rapidly renewable, and has a seedling to harvest time frame of roughly 5 years.

Available (these products have a defined “recipe” and are or can be easily made)

In Development(these are prototypes we have developed but are not yet available for market introduction)