Strand bamboo (aka: woven bamboo, strand woven, fused strand, etc.) is available from an increasing number of bamboo manufacturers in mainland China, but it is important to note that all strand bamboo is not the same, just like not all cars are the same (the quality spread in strand bamboo is probably as wide as it is for cars). Bamboo strands are compressed with a resin under tremendous pressure and then cured with heat. When made well (inclusive of using “mature” bamboo stock material, effectively processing the strands to the optimal size, and kiln-drying at several strategic spots during production), the product is extremely durable. When cost-cutting shortcuts are made, the product can be disastrous. Our manufacturing partner has had their strand bamboo product win back to back top honors in the past two years by the most well respected third-party product quality testing facility in North America.

Strand Bamboo Product Formats

Our Strand Bamboo is available in both a solid and engineered format. The engineered format usually is made on a traditional bamboo core, and depending on the application, the base can be made either from strand bamboo or traditional bamboo. The selection of base and cores is typically a function region of installation and sales, as not all formats are suitable in all environments – this is where our product development knowledge comes in handy.

Strand Bamboo Options

We can topically stain the strand bamboo in any color, as well as decoratively figure planks to your desired level of character.

Available (these products have a defined “recipe” and are or can be easily made)

In Development(these are prototypes we have developed but are not yet available for market introduction)